Dear Colleagues,

In April 2015, we are very proud to be hosting the 2nd İstanbul Aydın University International ELT Conference with the chosen theme entitled "Language Teaching on Higher Education". The conference is organised under the auspices of School of Foreign Languages.
The aim of the conference is to further mutual understanding between ELT professionals in Turkey and other countries by means of scientific and cultural exchange, and thus to assist in the development of a friendly, informative and stimulating atmosphere in which to exchange ideas and experiences in English Language Teaching at the university level. In a field where rapid advances are being made due to new research and technology, we need to share this knowledge and apply it, as appropriate, in our own teaching.
The conference begins on 09 April and ends on 10 April 2015. Many distinguished academics and speakers are expected to participate both nationally and internationally.
Papers, presentations, and workshops are invited which will provide a variety of perspectives on the following themes:
- National and international ELT perspectives
- Teaching language in preparatory  schools
- Teaching second language
- Compulsory language classes
- New perspectives on language teaching
- Using technology as a means of language teaching
- Preparing students for Philology Departments
- Teaching translation
The conference languages are both Turkish and English
Speakers are expected to send a 300-word abstract until 25th January 2015. The Screening Committee is entrusted with judging the quality of the proposals and has the right to accept/reject papers. The Screening Committee will be the same as the Editorial Board.
The papers presented in the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings and the presenters and participants will be able to buy a copy of it in a couple of months after the conference. Further announcements will be made through conference website.
We hope that this event will provide an occasion for all of us to consider issues and share strategies, perspectives and new insights from a wide variety of contexts. We also hope that the friendships made and the insights gained at the conference will endure long beyond your visit and be further enriched by new contacts in years to come, leading to better understanding and appreciation of our profession.
We look forward to welcoming you in Istanbul in April 2015.
For detailed information please visit the conference
On behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee
Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammed NACAR
Conference Chair
Director, School of Foreign Languages
School of Foreign Languages
Note: The papers delivered at the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings.